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Our fundamental belief is that we have an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large, so as to maintain a well-balanced interconnection.


LUDUS is part of a group registered and operating in the State of Florida since 2002, deploying specialized and high performance services.


We are here to strengthen and optimize all given opportunities leading to the personal and professional development of the youth.


Our operations are conducted with the support of academies, schools, clubs, cities and social organizations focused in programs for the youth, along with various specialized associations within the U.S. sports industry.


We are also supported by select corporate sponsors, either carrying consistent backgrounds in the area of social responsibility and/or a history of proactive actions towards sports activities.


Our operating policies ensure an open and transparent relationship with all those youngsters actually mentored by LUDUS.

This commitment is totally shared by our principals and institutional sponsors.


LUDUS is managed by an experienced executive team with a comprehensive counseling know-how and actual exposure to the U.S. environment, both privately and institutionally.


We also rely upon a select group of senior businessmen and professionals, who bring their experience and sensitive views into our sports and academic activities.


Our oversight process is based upon structured metrics to track the effectiveness of the skill generation process: development, competences and proficiency.

This management practice is a key differential at LUDUS, allowing us to consistently evaluate our programs and their overall impact in the attending players and coaches.