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Optimize your life choices through education! You deserve it!


LUDUS offers the tools to prepare you to effectively find an academic and/or professional opportunity in the U.S.

Our specialized mentors are ready to guide you through the whole placement process, using your specific personal profile.


Our methodology includes a comprehensive assessment, designed to help you in your personal preparation.

During this process, you will be evaluated upon specific qualification metrics to balance your academic, sports and language skills.


Our solutions are designed for multi-level academic enrollment, ranging from high schools to colleges and universities nationwide.

Optional programs include language proficiency, pre-collegiate classes and preparation for foreign students, plus structured mentoring for the youth and their families at all stages.


Our well-established network includes over 100 colleges and universities nationwide, either engaged in sports activities or athletic scholarships.

LUDUS also works with a select group of accredited private high schools, participating in the visa student programs allowed by the U.S. Government.
We are starting the enrolment process 2017-2018. Click Here to download the form.