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Our programs provide a structured environment to generate the best possible level of competitiveness, both technical and physical.


The multi-disciplinary activities offered by LUDUS include, but are not limited to technical assessment, fitness evaluation, conditioning, practice, tournaments and promotional tours.


Your profile is very personal, so is our service portfolio.

Our team will structure a customized program that better fits your needs and goals.


LUDUS counseling process is aimed to comply with the requirements and programs offered by the U.S. accredited certification entities.

The offered classification levels for soccer coaches are amateur, professional and international.


All programs offered by LUDUS are jointly coordinated with specialized providers including, but not limited to lodging, certified trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, educational counselors, student-athlete mentors, immigration lawyers and insurance brokers.


As an option, we offer these specialized services, customized to address the individual demands of each player or coach.

This supplementary counseling is deployed through our proprietary Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, designed to facilitate the personal promotion to potential employers in the professional markets.


Our commitment includes a holistic approach to address the concerns of all related parties, with a particular focus into the families of those players and coaches actually handled by LUDUS.

Selective lectures are offered covering our whole process in Brazil and in the U.S.
We are starting the enrolment process 2017-2018. Click Here to download the form.